Sunday, 3 January 2010

The art of gift giving

I had finished making up my last orders that needed to be posted for their Christmas day deadline. I then had two days to create my handmade presents for this year. I really enjoy this part of Christmas, spending time creating my handmade gifts for loved ones. Not as many as I would wish I could make but hopefully I will allow myself more time next year. As Christmas day has obviously now passed I can share my handmade gifts with you without spoiling any suprises. It can be hard to give them away and always hope that I find the time to make a few special things for myself, but this never quite happens. It may be one of my new years resolutions.
This was for my lovely friend Kimberley, who had hankered after a real cat. This handmade one didn't need much looking after and also no feeding was required. The cat had a felt flower and tiny bell just incase she got lost. No name as yet but will keep you posted.

The felt birds were for my nephews down in London, a little hand made extra to hang on the tree and filled with money to buy a special gift with.
Each had a dainty little label stamped with the boys initials.

This was a pyjama case for a little girl called Teri, my good friends Sheri's daughter. I am affectionally called Auntie Leah or her fairy godmother. I made her a special dress for when she was christened. The pyjama case can be hung on a door or at the end of a bed.

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