Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We're on the BBC!

I was approached by Jolene last year about the possibility of taking part in a project for the BBC online. I was super excited but slightly nervous about the prospect of being filmed but also hearing the sound of my voice in the finished piece!
When I eventually found out that I'd been chosen as one of the films for the project we had made the move to our new HQ. The date was set for filming and both Jolene and Rich came to Dumfries for the day.
Thrilled that the film is now live on the BBC , take a peek inside my home, studio & shop. I love the end result, although I had to watch it with the sound down initially!

I love buttons, one of my treasured possessions is the button drawer inherited from my granny. It sits in our hall so I can see it every day. The drawers are still full of the original buttons and each drawer is a different colour.

As part of the project a tutorial was created so that you too can make a pretty button heart with your stash of buttons. Happy making!

About time too!

I have come to realise that I'm not that great at this blogging malarkey!!! Its a sad affair when I look to see that my last post was back in October last year. So I thought it was abut time I posted what I have been up to recently. If you do want to keep up to date with our going's on, both work and play then the best way really is to either become a friend or fan on facebook. Just search Leah Halliday or So Sew Pretty and you should find us.

Its been a busy year and at long last my wish to open a shop and move my work out of the house has happened. The perfect property came up for rent and although a very big step, I thought it was time to make the leap. We have moved , way back in March, to a beautiful Georgian town house in the centre of town in Dumfries. Our new Hq is spread over the 1st and 2nd floor. So we have a shop and two spacious workshops rooms with my studio and storage upstairs.
Here are a few before photographs when we'd signed the paperwork and collected the keys!

Our new HQ! Keys collected and paperwork signed.

So Sew Pretty Workshop number two

So after a month of hard work, which I couldn't have dome without Mr.P we officially opened our doors on the 13th March. And what better way to celebrate with a tea party of course. My collection of pressed glass cake stand were laden with cakes and tasty treats, and we served up fizz and cups of tea.

tea party two

Its a wonderful feeling to leave home every morning, and when it's sunny, cycle to work. A feeling I am getting used to at last. 
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