Saturday, 20 February 2010

How does your garden grow

Although I don't really mind the winter months, I love it when it starts to feel like spring is in the air. My snowdrops are out and my bulbs are peeking through the soil. The search for my flower seeds and what vegetables we will grow in the garden this year has begun.

Longing for the time when we can sit outdoors and enjoy the sun and garden, I thought I would use these vintage seed packets to create some artwork so the wait didn't seem so long.
I couldn't resist them when I saw them and the real intention was to use them somehow in my gifts. But they were just too nice, I love the colours and it's quite amazing to think they are vintage. So I picked my favourites, which proved quite difficult and framed them. Most of the flowers are ones that I usually grow in the garden each year. The frames are now hanging in the dining room so I can enjoy my fruit and veg all year round.
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